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Dunkirk: A Missed Calling

Dunkirk, 2017. Directed by Christopher Nolan.

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The Eyes of Mercy

Wonder Woman, 2017. Directed by Patty Jenkins.

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Mourning the Death of God

Logan, 2017. Directed by James Mangold

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Reminiscence in the Work of Kazuo Ishiguro

Looking back is a notoriously tricky business. Memories can entrap us, or themselves become distorted in our attempts to curate the past. In many ways, Kazuo Ishiguro's oeuvre is a study of human memory--falsified, true and otherwise. Writer Michalina Ratajczak traces the theme as it is woven into three of his novels, including his most recent, The Buried Giant.

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Truth and Terroir in Shūsaku Endō's Silence

In his acclaimed novel Silence, Shūsaku Endō questions the viability of the tree of Hellenized Christianity taking root in the “mud swamp” of Japan. What was once hospitable, fertile ground for the seed planted by St. Francis Xavier, becomes the land of a hunted and persecuted Christianity, as depicted in the story of two missionary priests and the community in their care.

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The Last Word on Silence

As the Oscars pass Scorsese by, Mark Thomas thinks he knows why.

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The Impact of Conjugal Love

Suzanne Wolfe, The Confessions of X (Thomas Nelson, 2016).

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Table Matters: On St. Thomas, Tolkien and Babette's Feast

Father Samuel Fontana reflects on how the pleasure of eating together engenders gratitude and builds community.

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What Noble Gossamers We Weave: Art, Religion, and The Coen Brothers

Mark Thomas ponders the anomalous fictions of the Coen Brothers' most religious films.

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The Grace of Everyday Life

Manchester By The Sea, 2016. Directed by Kenneth Lonergan.