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From "Cabala Mineralis," Medieval Manuscript on Alchemy.

Re-Conceiving the Human Person: the A.R.T. of Reproduction

Health: Issue Two

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) provoke fundamental questions which cannot be suppressed…questions about human identity and human origins, about motherhood and fatherhood, about the human body and human nature itself. ARTs will have an enormous impact on the future shape of society, on whether and to what extent our children’s children live under some sort of technological totalitarianism. In this issue we take up these momentous questions, by presenting the papers from the CCPR’s 2014 conference: “The ART of Reproduction: Re-Conceiving the Human Person.”

Humanum: Issues in Family, Culture & Science
Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family
620 Michigan Ave. N.E. (McGivney Hall)
Washington, DC 20064